KATA to INAPA: our recap at ASEAN grand automotive trade show

From April 24 to April 26, KATA VINA participated in INAPA 2023 - one of the biggest automotive exhibitions in South East Asia. As the trailblazer in the car accessories industry, KATA VINA’s car mats brought a breath of fresh air to the 2nd fastest-growing car market in South East Asia.

KATA team at INAPA 2023 exhibition 

I. INAPA 2023 - an exciting opportunity with new challenges


The Indonesia International Auto Parts Accessories & Equip Exhibition (INAPA) is an annual event dedicated to showing the latest trends and innovations in terms of vehicle parts and accessories. This year, the show attracted the attention of over 20,000 visitors from 28 countries.

The exhibition features a wide variety of car aftermarket and OEM products from automotive industry leaders. INAPA 2023 was held in conjunction with several supporting shows, such as Inabike 2023, Inafastener 2023, Electric Vehicle 2023, etc.

All in all, INAPA 2023 was an exciting opportunity for KATA to connect with a much larger audience, and to bring KATA’s exquisite offerings into a new market.

INAPA 2023 welcoming ceremony


II. KATA VINA car mats and OEM solutions were a wow factor in Indonesia


As the no.2 in the South East Asian market in terms of vehicle sales, Indonesia is no stranger to variations of car mats. However, KATA's insight revealed a need for a new offering that could revitalize this oversaturated market. This is where KATA stands out.

As the no.1 leading car mat manufacturer in Viet Nam, KATA has long introduced our product to an international audience. However, the B2B trade show is a new undertaking, and we were prepared to bring our best to Indonesia. These are the flagship car mats, components for car mats, and a few newly introduced materials.

1. KATA Flagship car floor mats, now with new applications

Customers have long been familiar with KATA’s core product - which is the custom-fit, all-weather, and beautifully designed KATA car mats. Made from premium material that is carefully sourced, KATA car mats are known to bring customers an absolutely pleasant experience: odorless, easy to install and maintain, plus heavily durable so that you get the most bang for your buck.

KATA flagship custom-fit car mats

Another distinctive feature that set our car mat apart is the design. KATA floor mats are cut from our own industrial mat rolls, which already have KATA’s selected colors and patterns.

Each pattern we introduced is the result of our R&D team’s careful research and innovation, designed specifically to tackle the predominant issues that make car mats uncomfortable.

KATA car floor mats - a modern design

For example, our newest MasterTech design with honeycomb patterns boasts superior abilities to keep dirt and water in place (150% and 200% more, respectively) as well as keeping PM2.5 fine dust from affecting the cabin’s atmosphere and interior.

It is meticulously crafted in a way that does not let dirt and debris get stuck into the corners and crevices of the mat surfaces, thus cleaning is very easy.

KATA MasterTech car mats elevate the vehicle interior

Other designs in our current collection include the coin pattern, waffle pattern, and faux-leather pattern. Their functions have been previously introduced to our customers in this article.

Each was designed with a specific purpose, so depending on your needs, KATA will always have just the right product for you.

KATA Custom-fit Car Mat in the Mini design

KATA Universal Car Mat in the Faux-leather design

KATA Custom-fit Car Mat in the Lux design

It would be remiss to not mention the KATA color palette. Our color selection is ever-growing, and it is one of our competitive advantages.

KATA not only perfect the functionality of our car mats but also offer them in a delightful appearance. KATA mats are not only a must-have to protect your vehicles, but they also act as a modern interior decor piece.

KATA Color Palette includes both classic and fashion colors

2. KATA industrial mat rolls and component pieces

Since INAPA 2023 was about the automotive industry, KATA focused on our B2B offerings, which are the industrial mat rolls and matching components (such as retention clips, binding fabric, threads and made-to-order logos).

KATA has full control of the manufacturing process, thus we are proud to say that our products are 100% made in Viet Nam.

KATA industrial mat rolls for mass manufacturing

KATA industrial mat rolls are an alternative to the finished custom-fit mat sets for our B2B partners.

Our industrial floor mats already have the upper and underside embossed, so our clients can easily cut them into desired forms. This option is especially suitable for clients who require special models that KATA may not have the measurements.

3. New products and new materials


Besides our signature offerings, KATA also brought newly released products to showcase at INAPA, which includes our new 3D car mats and TPE mats.

KATA 3D Pro car mat made from premium material

TPE is a familiar name for car mat users. This material is flexible, hypoallergenic and has excellent slip resistance. It is often used to produce car liners, which are the 3D version of car mats with high edges and embossed details to help them fit the car interior precisely. Car liners are excellent at keeping spills and dirt at bay, even large spills.

KATA car liners are made from premium TPE material that is durable and all weather. With a modern design and a timeless color, KATA liners are set to make waves in the market.

KATA 3D car mat liner made from TPE


III. KATA to INAPA: a wonderful opportunity for expanding our network


For 3 days at INAPA 2023, we received hundreds of inquiries and visits from valued customers.

At the KATA booth, visitors can take a look at various floor mat samples, see and feel our material in person, and test out a full-size TPE liner set.

KATA booth attracted the attention of many visitors

The level of customer interest in our product surpassed our initial expectations, for both finished mat sets and industrial mat rolls.

The customers were especially fascinated that we are a car mat manufacturer with 100% made in Viet Nam origin, and at the time of writing this article, many of them have already made plans to visit our factory.

Visitors at KATA booth in INAPA

Our new partner from Indonesia visting KATA Ho Chi Minh office

As a result, we also received an invitation from INAPA for a small interview with our CEO, Mr. Khai Nghiem. He shared his reasonings for choosing INAPA as our first international exhibition, and the impact the show had on our company.

Mr. Khai, KATA's CEO, answering questions from the event organizer



INAPA 2023 was an overwhelmingly successful event for KATA VINA, where we reached out to a much larger audience: over 25,000 visitors from 42 countries.

In 2023, KATA plans to expand our operations to various countries in Asia and America. Stay tuned for our updates, and feel free to reach out to us with your inquiries here.

KATA team will see you soon at our next exhibition!

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