KATA 8th Birthday - Brilliantly Different

This year, we are celebrating 2022 incredible achievements, and the brilliance and individuality of the people who make them happened - while looking forward to a future filled with unimaginable feats.

On December 12th, KATA staff members gathered to celebrate the company’s 8th anniversary. The tagline for this year’s event is “Brilliantly Different”, which perfectly captures KATA’s journey in 2022, as well as our vision going into 2023.

The 2021 celebration was about unity in times of hardship - getting through the pandemic together and looking forward to a brighter year. This year, KATA has reached above and beyond this goal with exponential growth, a diversified product line, and most importantly, a growing crew with remarkable skills.

1. KATA 2022 recap - A business flourishing like never before 

Last year, we celebrated staying strong in the face of challenges and made a promise to challenge the status quo and expand to the global playing field. Needless to say, this goal has been surpassed.

KATA Team at the Viet Nam Motorshow 2022 - One of the biggest automotive exhibitions in Southeast Asia

1.1 New machinery and technology

As a manufacturing company, machinery is the backbone of our operation and receives our utmost attention. This year, due to booming demand, KATA invested heavily in industrial machines and built another extrusion line to satisfy both the domestic and international markets.

We also transitioned towards a more streamlined supply chain, by directly producing car mat mold in our factory.

KATA brand new extrusion line to keep up with booming demand

1.2 New products and versions

2022 is also the year when KATA’s product lines expanded rapidly. KATA has introduced new colors, new patterns, and even new versions of our mats with multiple applications.

KATA's vivid palette welcomes 2 new shades of our signature color: Persian Blue and Deep Space Blue.

KATA's 2022 color lineup

Our new Master series was introduced in 2022 and quickly became the favorite in the Vietnamese market. In addition, the chic faux leather pattern offers a subdued yet elegant look, and has use beyond car mats.

KATA Master series with modern honeycomb pattern

KATA classy faux leather pattern

With the introduction of KATA’s Multipurpose Protective Mat Roll, KATA is expanding our premium mat’s application beyond the usual vehicles, and is introducing durable KATA mat into the home and office.

KATA Multipurpose mat roll

1.3 New partners in the global market

In 2022, a big moment for KATA was when we officially launched our Amazon online store. The US market is one of the most competitive markets globally, so being as well-received as we were on Amazon was a huge accomplishment for us.

In addition, our list of partners is growing strongly, and KATA mats are now present in the US, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. With our favorable Endorsed Partners program, KATA is determined to support B2B partners from all over the world to build successful floor mat businesses. So if you want to join the fast-growing floor mat industry, do not hesitate to contact us today.


2. “Brilliantly Different” - An event to celebrate the people of KATA

In 2022 KATA took a different, more daring path than ever before, and emerged wonderfully. This feat could not have happened if not for the talents of our growing staff - people whose individuality makes KATA unique.

Staff members arriving at the venue
In 2022, KATA welcomed a large number of new members into the organization, with never-before-seen positions. This marks a more complex organizational structure with growing corporate demand for various internal roles.

This year's celebration is named “Brilliantly Different” for several reasons: to commemorate our incredible staff, look back at an exciting journey, and move forward with this distinct mindset.

KATA teams checking in

2.1 A toast to wrap up 2022

Our pioneering CEO gave a toast to wrap up a thrilling year, filled with challenges but also new opportunities - through which each of us had nurtured our professional skills to deliver beyond our goals.


Each and every one of us at KATA takes pride in our work of delivering exceptional products and services to our customers - because this means the rapport and understanding we built with the customers are strong and sincere.

We are happy that the introduction of our new products has been overwhelmingly well received this year, and we look forward to next year with more exciting stories.

Mr. Kai - KATA's CEO giving a speech

2.2 The star of the talent show

The KATA Talent show was the highlight of the event - where each department showcased their talents in various acts, from dancing and singing, to acting, to all in one performance.

Every team brought their A-game on the day, and surprised the judges in the best way possible. Our colleagues proved that they can both work hard and play hard after all.

KATA's teams showing off their amazing talents

2.3 Finishing up the day with a lucky draw

A touch of luck to spice up the event after a great meal. Post-luncheon, our CEO hosted a lucky draw with many appealing gifts - all of them health gadgets to improve our members' well-being.

The winners of the lucky draw receiving their prizes

Once again, a big thank you to our leaders, members, partners and most importantly, our clients for their tremendous support in 2022. See you in 2023!



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