KATA Roll Mats: The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Mat Master Series

KATA multi-purpose mat rolls are widely used used in both household and commercial settings. So what sets KATA mat rolls apart from other products?

Multi-purpose floor mat rolls are a widely used product in homes, offices, factory, gyms, garages, and other spaces. Depending on the user's needs, these mats serve various purposes such as protecting the floor, ensuring safety during activities, preventing slip and falls, reducing noise, or saving time on floor cleaning, ect.
In the current market, there are many versatile rolled mat products available, each with different materials and designs, catering to the needs and preferences of users. So what sets KATA Mat Rolls apart from other products? Let's explore that in this article.

A must-have mat for mordern spaces

A must-have KATA mat roll for mordern spaces

1. Special Features in Design of KATA Mat Rolls

The honeycomb surface with amazing water and dirt-trapping capability

The Master series floor mats from KATA introduce a breakthrough in the design of multi-purpose floor mats. Like a honeycomb with a hexagonal pattern surrounding a raised circular center, the Master pattern has superior water retention and dirt-trapping capabilities compared to traditional floor mats.
The inner circular section is designed to be 2.2mm higher, along with the hexagonal outer border creating a recessed space that effectively traps dirt. The hexagonal border, measuring 15mm in size with a height of 1mm, acts as a protective barrier, preventing water and dirt from spreading around. Cleaning is hassel-free, so it takes almost no time to remain your space clean and dry.
Furthermore, the recessed center enhances surface friction, reducing the risk of slipping and falling during movement. The meticulous attention to these small details has earned KATA mats high praise from customers and gained their trust as a preferred choice.

Honeycomb design increases water and dirt-trapping capability
Honeycomb design increases water and dirt-trapping capability

Spikes with rounded tips on the bottom ensure the safety when moving

The Master multi-purpose roll mat has been significantly upgraded to bring users a better and safer experience. The Master product is improved in design with thicker, larger spikes, and a roughened spike surface that helps to maximize friction with the car floor, making it much more slip-resistant. In detail, the spikes are designed in a cylindrical shape with a larger size, increased height and cross-section by 1mm, and the distance between the spikes is also arranged with a denser density, helping to increase friction by 25% compared to other products on the market. Thanks to this design, users can rest assured, without worrying about the risk of slipping, especially in crowded environments such as entrances, gyms, factories, car garages, etc.
KATA products always take into account the safety of our customers during the use of our mats. In order to prevent mats from shifting or slipping, which can be dangerous and unsightly, the underside of the mat is fixed by round spikes that help to increase friction with the floor.

Spikes with rounded tips on the bottom ensure the safety when moving
Spikes with rounded tips on the bottom ensure the safety when moving

2. Special Features in Material of KATA multi-purpose floor mat rolls 

Currently, floor mat products in the market are commonly made from main materials such as felt or rubber. Each type of material brings different advantages and disadvantages. 
For example, felt mats are often relatively inexpensive but have limited functionality. They tend to trap dust, absorb water well, but require significant effort for cleaning and are prone to staining and tearing even with careful washing. Therefore, felt mats are typically used for short-term events and single-use purposes.
Rubber rolled floor mats, on the other hand, have higher durability, are water-resistant, and provide good slip resistance. They have a wide range of applications and are often installed in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, this type of mat roll is made from synthetic rubber, which directly affects the safety and health of users. Rubber mats also often give off an unpleasant smell when newly purchased and during use. The smell is usually caused by chemicals used in the production of rubber mats, including sulfur, benzene, and toluene. These chemicals can evaporate into the air and cause health problems for users, including headaches, dizziness, and nausea. During use, pollutants, dust, and moisture can also cause rubber mats to emit unpleasant odors. Keeping rubber mats free of unpleasant odors can be a bit of a hassle, so it's important to consider your options carefully when choosing a mat.

KATA chooses 100% premium virgin PVC as the material for our multi-purpose floor mat roll, which is free from impurities and widely used in various sectors of life such as medical, food, machinery, electronic components, and children's toys. KATA mats have obtained the SGS certification ensuring the absolute safety for our customers. This high-quality PVC material provides KATA mat rolls with five notable benefits:

Premium PCV Material of KATA mat rolls
Premium PCV Material of KATA mat rolls

2.1. Ease of Cleaning and Mold Resistance

The first factor that most users consider when choosing floor mats is ease of cleaning. Thanks to the waterproof and dust-resistant properties of PVC material, cleaning KATA multi-purpose rolled mats becomes incredibly easy. They can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or lifted to be washed with water, making the process simple and time-saving. In case of spills or liquid substances, they can be quickly cleaned with a cloth or paper towel.
This is where PVC mats differ from felt mats. Felt mats are more prone to dirt accumulation, and cleaning them typically requires washing and drying, which can be labor-intensive or require professional mat cleaning services for mats fixed to the floor.
KATA rolled mats save time and effort in cleaning. As a result, the space remains clean, and the chances of mold growth are minimized, ensuring the safety and health of users.

2.2. No unpleasant odor

According to market research conducted by KATA, a significant factor that many users consider when choosing a multi-purpose floor mat is whether it emits unpleasant odors when purchased or during use.
In some types of mats, such as carpet or rubber mats, there is often an unpleasant odor. New carpet mats can have a strong odor that can be discomforting to the eyes and other organs in the body. Additionally, carpet mats often require adhesive for fixation, which can emit unpleasant odors during the initial period of use. Due to their good absorbency and water permeability, carpet mats can develop odors or become moldy over time.
Another type of mat, such as rubber or synthetic plastic mats, can also emit unpleasant odors, especially in high-temperature environments.
Understanding the users' preferences, KATA mats, made of premium PVC material without impurities, are completely odorless. When receiving a new mat, users will not detect any odor, even when inhaled in close proximity. During use, thanks to the easy cleaning abilities, the mat will not develop mold-related odor, ensuring a pleasant and odor-free environment.

2.3. High Durability KATA mat rolls

Durability is an extremely important factor when selecting a multi-purpose mat. In harsh environments with high temperatures and heavy foot traffic, a mat needs to have excellent resistance to wear and tear. KATA multi-purpose mats, made from premium PVC material, provide comprehensive solutions in this regard. Unlike other types of mats, KATA mat rolls do not peel, shed fibers, or tear even after prolonged use.
They are also resistant to water, oil, and chemicals, making them ideal for use in a variety of severe condition. Whether you need a mat for your patio, balcony, or outdoor recreational activities, these mats can withstand various weather conditions and provide a comfortable and slip-resistant surface.
They maintain a clean and beautiful appearance as if they were new even after extended periods of use and have a lifespan of up to 10 years. 

10-years Protection
High Durability KATA mat rolls - 10 years Protection

2.4. Noise-reduction

Additionally, busy living environments can often be filled with noise, which can contribute to a stressful atmosphere. KATA floor mats help address this issue by providing noise-reduction properties. The PVC material absorbs and dampens sound vibrations, reducing the impact of footsteps and other noises. This creates a quieter and more peaceful environment, making it easier to concentrate, relax, or engage in conversations without unnecessary distractions

2.5. Electrical insulation and Fire Resistance

In environments with a high level of static electricity, such as factories, workshops, and transformer stations, ensuring the safety of workers requires a good insulating floor mat. The PVC material of KATA multi-purpose mats provides excellent insulation properties, preventing unintended accidents. It is a reliable solution for those researching insulating mats.
Another special feature that the premium PVC material brings to KATA multi-purpose mats is fire resistance. The mats can withstand temperatures up to 1000℃ for 30 minutes. Afterward, the mat may melt but will not ignite, ensuring the safety of users.

Non-slip Protective KATA Mat Rolls
Non-slip Protective KATA Mat Rolls

3. Conclusion

The versatility and space-saving nature of KATA multi-purpose rolled mats make them an ideal choice for various living environments. These mats can be easily rolled up and stored when not in use, allowing for efficient utilization of space. Whether you need a mat for your living room, bedroom, office, or even outdoor activities such as picnics or camping, KATA rolled mats can be conveniently transported and laid out wherever needed. Their portability and flexibility make them a practical solution for people on the go or those who frequently rearrange their living spaces.
As human life becomes increasingly busy, integrated and multi-functional items are being enhanced to support our lives more effortlessly and comfortably. With its outstanding capabilities, KATA multi-purpose mat rolls ensure that they bring you excellent experiences in a smart and tidy living space.

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