The Mini Series of the KATA Mat Pro is an enhanced version of the standard KATA Car Mat. While both the standard and enhanced versions share the same design and capabilities, the Mini Series is different in that it has edges heat-pressed instead of woven, which has hidden benefits that put it above the standard version.

With a multitude of car brands being produced and distributed worldwide, customers have many opportunities to choose the car they like. While each and every brand is different in their styling and performance, they all still share the common need to be decorated with the best accessories available, one of which is a car mat. We at KATA have a new version of our car mat that will surprise you with its quality.

The Problem with Car Mats

The floor of a car, regardless of the brand, is always covered with a felt surface. Its key function, apart from covering the car floor, is to eliminate the noise from the engine that is emanating into the interior. Though the felt surface may offer some benefits, there are limitations to using it that can make car owners feel anxious. For one, dirt can stick to a felt surface very easily; felt can also create moisture, emit irritating odors and accumulate germs over time, in addition to being very hard to clean. If the car owner wanted to completely keep the car floor clean, then they would have to go to an interior cleaner and that will take a lot of precious time.
Overhead view of KATA Mat Pro
In response to these issues, car accessory manufacturers have come up with car mats. With a car mat, all of the problems with using a felt cover are either immediately fixed or improved upon. Not only does it cover the entire floor, it also stops any form of dirt from accumulating over time, therefore it maintains a high level of hygiene for the car in the long term. A car mat can utilize a range of materials, such as rubber, leather and foam. While each of these materials do have their benefits, they also have their fair share of flaws. Recognizing this, we have decided to develop our own car mat that will build on the strengths of the materials mentioned above, while also addressing the flaws inherent in them.

Our Solution

We at KATA have created our own car mat with careful research and painstaking attention to detail. Produced with great skill and care, the KATA Mat Pro is made to adapt to any climate and to any specifications brought on by the driver. Like the basic version, the Pro version of the mat is made out of flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a plastic polymer known to be a safe and reliable material that helps to ensure the longevity and functionality of the mat. Not only that, the material adds depth and clarity to the styling of the mat. On the bottom of the mat are embedded plastic pegs that will stick onto the car floor tightly so that it will not shuffle about by the occupants’ feet.
Left side view of KATA Mat Pro (Cream)
The KATA Mat Pro is highly durable as well. It has high levels of flexibility and elasticity, courtesy of the internal structure that the PVC utilizes. This allows our mat to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Similar to the basic version, the design of the KATA Mat Pro is one that features floating beads positioned close to each other that in turn create grooves that help to increase friction between the occupants’ feet and the surface of the floor, preventing slippage. These grooves on the mat also assist in preventing water or dirt from entering the car floor, maintaining the car’s hygiene in the process. The beaded design of the mat also adds a sense of relaxation and comfort to the car’s interior, and it also comes with a healthy range of color palettes that customers can choose from.
Left side view of KATA Mat Pro (Black)
While the top of the mat has a nifty design, the bottom of the mat is even more so. As stated before, it contains pegs that stick onto the felt-covered car floor very tightly. This will help to prevent any sort of damage inflicted onto the felt cover. In addition, the 2-sided design of the KATA Mat Pro acts as an effective sound-proofing cushion for the cabin of the car. Utilizing sound dispersion principles that have been adopted by leading recording studios, the rough underside of the mat meets the car floor to create space for sound to dissipate, thus preventing the noise from the car from entering the cabin.

How the KATA Mat Pro is Made

Our highly experienced team of designers have always stuck to the mantra of ‘each set of mats must be designed for the vehicle itself’. Therefore, each mat model is based on 2D and 3D AutoCAD designs that simulate the product in the most detailed manner for each section of the seat legs and side edges of the car, with our designers ensuring that each detail matches the designated car model. We at KATA are highly aware that the deciding factor for the quality of a product comes from not just the production line and the craftsmanship, but also from the quality of the raw materials. Knowing this, we have chosen to use high-quality flexible PVC, which has been certified by SGS Europe as completely safe for the health and well-being of the consumer.
Right side view of KATA Mat Pro (Cream)
Instead of mass producing our mats, we instead elected to produce them in sets, which will fit each model and generation of a given car. This means that each set of the KATA Mat Pro is individually designed, beginning with the recording of the dimensions of the car floor. Making 2D drawings then re-designing them in 3D on AutoCAD helps our workers visualize a finished carpet set with every conceivable detail, from the curl lines to the thickness of the mat. After we have the detailed and completed design on AutoCAD, our engineers begin cutting the mats on CNC-based industrial cutting machines that are accurate up to the very last millimeter. After the mat has been cut, it will be softened and the surface will be checked for its flatness and structural integrity. A finely cut mat will offer a flat and uniform surface that is consumer-friendly.
Left side view of KATA Mat Pro (Coffee)
Next, we make the edges of the mat. The KATA Mat Pro has its edges heat-pressed instead of sewn, with our workers using a metallic mold to achieve this. After the edges have been pressed, the mats are tested for the final time to make sure they fit neatly onto the car floor and they grip tightly onto the original felt surface of the floor. Once all of the inspection steps have been fulfilled, the finished mat set with the logo attached will be cleaned and boxed for final delivery to our customers.

How does the KATA Mat Pro compare to the basic version?

As stated before, the KATA Mat Pro has its edges heat-pressed instead of sewn with nylon. Having the edges heat-pressed does not require further cutting, which is the case with the basic version of the mat, since its edges have to be cut deeper to accommodate the sewn pattern. Using the heat press to form the edges also has a hidden benefit; since the mat does not have to be cut again, there is no need for it to be measured again, meaning the KATA Mat Pro will instantly fit onto the floor of your car. Lastly, the surface of the KATA Mat Pro will always remain structurally intact and glossy, thanks to the use of high-tech laminating lines.
Overhead view of KATA Mat Pro (Cream)
Another inclusion to the Pro version of the mat that the basic version does not have is a personalized pattern printed on the mat. You can choose whichever pattern you like to be printed on the mat, as opposed to how the basic version only allows our logo to be tacked on to the mat. We achieve this by using a metallic mold that features said pattern and the heat press machine so that the mold will properly imprint itself on the mat. In addition, the KATA Mat Pro will take less time to clean than the basic version, especially around the edges since it would take more effort to completely clean them because they are woven.