- The Lux Series of mats is made from flexible PVC. - 1 for 1 warranty within 18 months. - Waterproof, will not get damp.

The Lux Series of mats is our new offering, and it shares the same features and capabilities as our other mats: 

  • It is made from flexible PVC as with our other mats

  • It can hold more dust and water than our Mini Series of mats due to its innovative design.

  • There is a warranty program for the Lux Series within 18 months of first purchase in which we can replace your mat with another one should you find it unsatisfactory.

In order to bring more choices to our customers, we have decided to release a new version of our signature car mat. In addition to the Mini Series of the KATA Mat Pro, we also offer the Lux series of car mats.

The Lux Series mat is an alternative version of the KATA Mat Pro, as it is made from the same high-quality flexible PVC material, utilizes the same pegged design on the bottom, and has its edges made by heat press. However, what makes it different from the KATA Mat Pro Mini Series is the design of the top surface. This design features a cross-webbed pattern that boasts small, square-shaped indentations that work to hold more dust and water than the Mini Series. Furthermore, the webbed pattern of the Lux Series also works to create friction between the car floor and the occupants’ feet, thus reducing the risk of slippage.


Like with the Mini Series, the Lux Series is produced with the help of our industrial heat press machines. The heat press can generate pressure amounting to 3400 Newtons or 350 kg, as well as high-frequency electromagnetic waves that make the entire carpet become soft and more flexible. The design on the top of the Lux Series is achieved through the use of a specially-made metallic mold, which is placed in between the recently cut mat and the heat press. The edges are smoothly pressed, creating a subtle shadow effect that adds to the overall aesthetics of the mat.

Right side view of green Lux series mat

As stated before, the Lux Series of mats is made with flexible PVC. This makes the mat extremely durable and elastic, and it can last for up to 10 years with frequent and careful maintenance by the driver. Furthermore, the PVC has been certified as safe for the consumers’ health by SGS Europe, as it virtually contains no traces of extremely hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury.

Overhead view of green Lux series mat for backseats

The PVC material is also highly waterproof, therefore in long journeys and in wet conditions, the carpet will not get damp or musty and it will not emit unpleasant odors like other car mats. The Lux series has a unique design and a more diverse color palette with 20 different colors that enrich the interior of the car. The right color paired with the interior can add a lot of personality and flair to the car.

The color selections of the Lux Series

We develop our products with environmental protection in mind, so after years of use with KATA mats, you will not have to worry about creating waste to the environment when you replace them with newer ones.