KATA master surface mini series

Better refined surface, Better appearance, safer and higher waterproof ability
A new refined surface design for better compact resistance, better friction, larger water absorption capacity and a more beautiful appearance.
Parachute fabric tailored contour, 5 pieces for all compartments including luggage trunk, cabin and passenger compartment.
Don't hesitate to order now for a luxury new car mat design, you would be surprised at its classy and high quality look!

What do you need to find a mat brand with perfect surface design?

The answer is nothing but taking a look at KATA master surface for car mats of high quality, luxury and distinguished features:

➥ Refined surface design

➥ SGS international standards for safety

High-quality flexible PVC material

Modern luxury style

Perfect refined surface:

A thermoplastic car mats rubber surface layer designed as a waterproof carbon fiber texture, allowing your car mat to contain spillage and prevent those horrendous stains and unpleasant odors.

Also, sophisticatedly refined surface grooves and ridges help to increase GRIP STRENGTH.

Cross-webbed pattern accompanies small and square-shaped indentations to hold more dust and water.This design also works to create friction between the car floor and the occupants’ feet

SGS international standards for safety

Made with materials of high quality, KATA car mats luxury passed all the strict tests to prove its distinguishing features to meet SGS international standards, a world popular safety certificate. As a result, safety and reliability are what you can surely have from our KATA products

High-quality flexible PVC material

Flexible PVC provides a good balance of tensile strength, tear resistance, and weatherability. Very popular due to its versatility and low cost as well, making it a cost effective product, less expensive but better quality. “Less means more” is all to say about it.


Above all, The appearance also makes up for the nobility and high class of the car owner. The Luxury series has a unique design and a more diverse color palette with 20 different colors that enrich the interior of the car. The right color paired with the interior can add a lot of personality and flares to the car.


Where to buy KATA car mats?

Customers can easily order genuine KATA mats through Line, Whatsapp or Email.

Please contact KATA's online sales department for free advice and quick KATA carpet booking.

Email: support@katavina.com