Extraordinary ability to withstand wear, pressure, and damage. Can be used for more than 10 years. Provide a diverse palette with over 20 colors.

Demand for cars has been increasing remarkably for the last 5 years. According to idea.org, global car sales almost reached 100 million in 2018. Although automotive industry experienced severe effect due to the pandemic, car sales worldwide in 2020 was relatively high, at 73 million. Along with the demand for cars, consumers also want to equip their cars with accessories to shield their vehicles as well as beautifying both the interior and exterior. To do this, car mats is the first thing that every consumer should take into account.

However, choosing the right car mats for your vehicles is no easy task. In fact, there are many problems have occurred when buying the wrong types.


Slippery surface/underside

Owning car mats with flat surface can pose potential hazards for drivers and passengers. Getting in or out of the car which has sliding surface can possibly cause you to fall, especially in the snowy weather or rainy season. Moreover, mats which do not grip firmly onto the car floor can involve real risks. The mats could interfere with pedal operation and drivers cannot control the speed properly. It also causes distraction when trying to shift the mats and accidents may happen at any time.

Gas pedal stuck on car mat


Non waterproof car mats

A non-waterproof mat can directly affect the quality of your car’s floor since it could not prevent any spillage, mud or water from spilling onto the floor. Your car floor would be damaged since the mat could not prove its protective function. Furthermore, car mat soon will be wearing out due to the liquids and substances pouring onto the surface. It would take a long time and effort to clean a set of mats each time it gets dirty. This would also decrease the longevity of your mats in the long term.

Non water proof car mat


The thickness of a car mat has a lot to do with its durability. A thin mat is often more vulnerable. After a short time of using, it begins to curl and crack. Soon, you will have to break your budget for a whole new set of mats. Therefore, choosing the right mats in the first place could help you save the money down the road.

It is crucial to find suppliers who could meet all demand of customers relating to their safety, budgets and interior looks. Here at KATA, we have been making every effort to satisfy our customers’ need




KATA car mats are made from high quality PVC, no impurities, and meet SGS certification, which is proved to be consumer friendly. Our mats are designed by our professional specialists which make them acquire high flexibility, high elasticity, good structure. One of the key features about the mats is waterproof, therefore, they can withstand the harshest conditions, from snowy weather of the north Europe to wet conditions of South East Asia without getting damped. Moreover, high-quality PVC mats are easy to clean, odor free, therefore, they are safe for users’ health.

Mercedes car mat for front seat



The surface: Unlike other mats with plane surface, our mats boast floating balls arranged together to increase friction between the feet and the mat, therefore, avoid slippery which can cause potential hazard while driving. Our unique design also helps to trap debris, snow or dirt so the driver can feel secure and comfortable while driving or sitting in the car.

The bottom has spiked surface, which help the mats grip firmly onto the floor, so the drivers and passengers do not need periodic adjustment to keep them in place. Moreover, our specialists have used acoustic dispersion principles to prevent noise from the engine, so our mats are soundproof. Many people have underestimated this feature, but it is proved that engine sound can greatly affect our hearing ability and mental health.

Mercedes car mat for back seat

Here at KATA, we aim to bring the best experience for the customers. After carefully researching, we have put KATA Mats mini-series with the edges woven by nylon onto the market, which is guaranteed to serve the most demanding customers.

Protection for the interior

Each set of our KATA Mats mini-series is individually designed. Firstly, our specialists would record dimensions of the car floor then making 2D drawings and re-design them in 3D on AutoCAD. After that, the mats are cut by CNC-based industrial cutting machines which ensure accurate figures for each model. With the edges are woven by nylon, the corner of your car would be given the protection it needs. The car floor and the sides would avoid being scratched from rubbing with mats frequently. Adding to this, having edge-nylon woven mats is undeniably important because it could prevent spillage or debris from falling into the corner of your car.

Vinfast car mat for driver seat

Increase durability

Many types of mats available on the market had become curl after using for short amount of time. To improve customer experience, we have had the edges of our mats woven by nylon to prevent curling and cracking. Furthermore, the mat is also protected to ensure its longevity, be denser and wear resistant. KATA Mats mini-series can be used up to 10 years and always stay brand new thanks to the nylon woven detail.

Vinfast car mat for back seat


Ease of installation, removal and cleaning

After being cut carefully by our specialized machines, the mats are softened, and the surface would be checked for its flatness and structural integrity. A soft, flexible mat can put customers at ease when installing, removing or cleaning.

4 steps to install KATA Mats mini-series:

· Step 1: Cleaning your car after removing the old mats.

· Step 2: Adjust driver’s seat and back seat to have more space for installing the mats.

· Step 3: Put the mats in the order of driver’s seat, front passenger’s seat and back seats.

· Step 4: Remember the lock pin for your safety.

The process of cleaning KATA Mats mini-series is also easy for customers. Owners can scrape, squeeze the surface when cleaning without worrying about degradation of quality due to the mats’ flexibility and high-quality material.

BMW car mat for back seat


Luxurious image for your interior

Every car model of each brand is designed with different structural interior. Having a set of car mats with nylon woven edges that perfectly fit can highlight the main features of your car floor. Mats’ edges with sophisticated curl lines are designed to elevate your interior. Additionally, a wide range of color palettes are offered specifically for our customers to choose from. Beyond that, the color of nylon which is woven the edges always goes with the color of the mat to create consistency for the inside of your car. Adding matching colors can make your interior highly outstanding and fully express your personality. Our KATA Mats mini-series not only give you the best protection but also be aesthetical ornaments for your interior.

Maserati car mat

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