Features tangled fibers that can ward off dirt and water; made with the same materials and design principles as our other mats.
In meeting the needs of the most demanding of customers, we have decided to create the most advanced model of our signature car mat.
Our Coil series of mats is made from high-grade flexible PVC and it has multiple layers of tangled fibers which are up to 0.75mm each in diameter, creating a carpet that has a thickness of 13 mm. This makes the carpet thick enough to create a smooth cushion for the occupants’ use.
Structural characteristics of KATA Car Floor Carpet Coil Edition:
The Coil series of KATA car mats is composed of 2 main layers: the bottom layer is a spiked surface that has specially designed PVC grain with a length of up to 2mm. This helps the carpet firmly grip onto the felt floor, reducing the risk of slipping during use. The spikes are not too pointy, so they do not damage the surface of the vehicle floor at all. The top layer features tangled PVC fibers. The soft tangled fibers make it easy to remove dust and dirt from the passengers' feet, while also preventing water from seeping down to the surface of the vehicle floor.
Structural characteristics of KATA Car Floor Carpet Coil Edition
Advantages of the Coil series:
- The Coil series of mats are designed to fit snugly to the floor size of each different vehicle model.
- The mats do not emit an unpleasant odor even after a long period of use in wet conditions or prolonged heat.
- The Coil series of mats is made from PVC material that meets SGS standards, meaning it is safe for the users’ health.        
- The mats can be cleaned regularly and easily either by vacuuming or spraying with water.        
The Coil floor mat is not monolithic, but rather divided into different pieces, making it easy to install and clean one or more areas you want without having to remove all the rugs.
Advantages of the Coil series
The mats have a durability of up to 10 years, helping owners save on annual mat replacement costs while still retaining a good price when reselling the car. If and when you decide to resell a car, there are many factors that determine your selling price including the mileage, maintenance history, and the condition of the exterior and interior of the car. The Coil series of KATA car mats will keep the floor like new.
Finally, remember to take off your old carpet before replacing it with the new carpet set from KATA.