KATA Mats at the Vietnam Motor show 2022

The Organizing Committee of Vietnam Motor Show 2022 (Vietnam Motor Show 2022) officially issued announcement of its ending after 5 days of organization, from October 26, 2022 to October 30. 2022 at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center - SECC, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.
At the event, KATA showcased a full set of its high quality and luxury products with pride to give customers a chance to experience such a luxury domestic products of top quality in its field.

After two years of absence, the Vietnam Motor Show 2022 has returned more spectacularly, bringing excitement to the auto market, worthy of the public's expectations. With careful preparation from the Organizing Committee and participating brands and enthusiastic support from the public, this year's exhibition took place with unexpected success, setting new records in history.

Coming to the Vietnam motor show 2022, KATA showcased high quality and luxury car mat products with many different models and types.
Founded in 2014, from a very small company when it was first established, KATA has now become a reputable brand in the automotive aftermarket industry, especially the brand of car floor mats "Kata Mats" which is reputable in Vietnam and is reaching out to the world. With the motto: Glory belongs to those who reach the target first, Kata Mats brand has been constantly developing to be the leading company in Vietnam in the field of automotive floor mats with application of new high quality flexible PVC material.

With a quality policy that meets ISO 9001:2015, SGS safety standards and a series of domestic and international quality & safety standards, KATA is always committed to research and innovation in order to provide customers with the best products and services with distinctive and outstanding features.

At the Vietnam motor show 2022, Kata Mats brought along its full luxury model sets of


KATA mats polka dotted surface mini series

Flexible PVC material with embossed polka dotted surface, assisting adhesion for the mats to the floor and water/ dust absorption capacity, bearing all advantages of such material and Kata Mats technology. Kata car mats with polka dotted surface  mini series will have parachute fabric tailored contour and fit all your vehicle sizes by personalised design along with unique beauty from the diverse colors and powerful look of such material.

KATA mats polka dotted surface master series 
Inherited all advantages from the mini series, KATA offers an even more surpprising design with heat press technology applied on mat contours on the master series. 
Tougher structure for better original floor protection and look.

KATA master surface mini series

Sophisticatedly refined surface grooves and ridges help to increase GRIP STRENGTH.
Cross-webbed pattern accompanies small and hexagon-shaped indentations to hold more dust and water.This design also works to create friction between the car floor and the occupants’ feet

KATA master surface Pro series
As an upgrade of the mini series, Heat press technique on the PRO series ensures the higher durability and waterproof ability to its contour significantly. Simultaneously, the mats look much stronger and neater.

KATA Leather surface
Bearing all remarkable features from Kata Mats products, Kata leather surface car mats are super flexible and durable along with waterproof and easy to clean propertites, the leather surface come with a non-slip design. It’s so because we offer floor mats that have a thick and robust upper surface layered to form a non-slip criss-cross pattern the same as natural leather surface structure

   With a standard, modern and advanced foreign production process, KATA car floor mats set offers car buyers great features:

 Safe production materials.

With the principle of putting customers at the center. KATA mats always prioritizes the use of the highest quality raw materials in production, in order to ensure the health safety for users. KATA car floor mats are made from high-quality flexible PVC materials with bright "fresh" plastic colors. KATA mats have passed European SGS certification, absolutely safe for users' health and the environment.


Outstanding durability

KATA car floor mats have outstanding time of service up to more than 10 years. KATA car mats for sale achieve flexibility and high elasticity thanks to its best quality materials. KATA has made durable products with good friction, stable structure, high elasticity and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Many customers in the car community have had the opportunity to try and evaluate: "KATA mats are very durable and still looks quite new after 3 to 4 years of use".


Unique design

KATA car floor mats have a minimalist yet sophisticated design. Not inclusive of many fancy patterns like 5D or 6D car mats. KATA products only have a surface design in the form of floating balls arranged close together or combined with ridges and grooves. Such designs increase friction between the user's feett and the floor surface, ensuring anti-slip features. The grooves on the surface work to prevent water and dirt from spilling or soaking into the original car floor. especially, the car mat has a modern and luxurious style, widening the used space in the car, so travelers in the car always feel relaxed and comfortable. Especially, KATA high quality car floor mats also have a diverse color palette to meet all customers' needs


Good adhesion

Apart from focusing on the design of the surface, KATA also pays great attention to the underside of car mats carpet. The surface that is in direct contact with the original felt of the car floor is designed with round spikes to help the mat firmly pinned and adhere to the surface of the floor without causing damage to the sound-absorbing felt layer of the car floor. Thus, Safety is guaranteed


Good sound insulation
KATA car floor mats have a unique 2-sided structure that creates a unique space that acts as an extremely effective soundproofing cushion for the car's cabin. Based on the basic sound dispersion principle of top studios, the rough spikes on the underside of the KATA mats are in contact with the floor of the car, creating a moderate amount of space for sound dispersion. Prevent the noise ofthe undercarriage from reverberating into the cabin.


KATA mats also offers many attractive promotions at the Vietnam motor show 2022 with a discount of up to 20% for all floor mats at the exhibition events for those who captured this chance to own its products.

With an eye-catching, convenient and attractive design, along with a reasonable level for the majority of consumers, KATA car floor mats in the name of KATA mats brand are appreciated both in terms of appearance  and quality. If you own a good car, don't hesitate to contact KATA immediately for advice and order this great product!!

Where to buy KATA car mats?

Customers can easily order genuine KATA mats through LineWhatsapp or Email.

Please contact KATA's online sales department for free advice and quick KATA mat booking.

Email: support@katavina.com

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