KATA opens its first personalized car mat store in the US

In the 2nd quarter of 2022, KATA is launching its first official online store in the US.

A renowned car mat manufacturer in Viet Nam, KATA has big plans for the US, starting with a never-before-seen personalized car mat for the coveted Tesla.
“To the World” has been KATA’s motto ever since its establishment in 2014. 7 years later, as one of Viet Nam’s top car mat makers, this vision has transpired through KATA’s first official Amazon store in the US. 

The store will go live at the beginning of summer 2022, featuring KATA’s latest innovation in custom-made car mats for vehicles in high demand, namely the Tesla Model 3, Model Y, and Honda’s CR-V.

1. KATA’s personalized car mat is the result of a swift decision during a crisis

In 2020, KATA faced the COVID-19 pandemic right when the company is at a critical growth stage. At the time, thanks to government regulations, Viet Nam’s domestic market was largely unaffected, but KATA understood the need to quickly change to accommodate uncertainty.
“We predicted that our supply chain will soon be affected by the pandemic, which is why we quickly decided to move the entire production line back to Viet Nam.

This move will give us a lot of direct control over manufacturing and quality control, ensuring the same high standards for every floor mat set before it reaches our customers.” said Mr. Khai Nghiem, KATA CEO.
          CEO Khai Nghiem (on the right) during the 2019 Motor Show Exhibition.

Along with promoting domestic production, KATA also invests heavily in Research & Development. The focal point of R&D during this stage is to refine product features to solve previous pain points and innovate the design of the car mats.

"We’re never done just because a product sells well. There are many areas to refine.

For example, the upper surface. How do we design it in a way that gives the appropriate amount of friction for different movements? What about when people wear heels, or when energetic children get in the car?

These are critical questions that we ask ourselves every time we test new features.” said the Head of Product Design, Mr. Tho Nguyen.

Mr. Tho Nguyen, KATA's head of design, inspecting a sample.

2 years later, KATA is proud to be one of the most prominent car accessories players in Viet Nam. KATA has also built a name for itself in B2B car mat sales regionally. 

The company’s ambition, however, does not end there. To move forward faster, KATA needs to create a stronger connection with end customers through direct interaction and feedback.

2. Bringing the next generation of tailored car mats to the US.

The car mat market saturation demands a more agile approach to product management. As the leader in the domestic market, KATA has a lot of insights into customers’ demand for customized car mats. For every new car model, there are tens of car mat options, and KATA is determined to create something truly different from the rest.

Understanding customers’ wishes, KATA has added several new color options to the existing palette, bringing in exciting choices when decorating one’s car. Now, choosing a car mat can be just as fun as a DIY home decor project.

         New KATA car mats colors introduced in 2022

Most importantly, KATA has fashioned a futuristic car mat pattern with superior functionality. The honeycomb design boasts impressive water and dirt blockage, thus any mess will be contained within the area of the mat. Coupled with PVC’s existing benefits, the next-generation car mat from KATA will deliver beyond expectations.
“Nowadays, we are moving past the function vs fashion dilemma. Product design should ultimately aim for beautiful products that work spectacularly.

This is exactly what our new pattern is about, and we are excited to hear the customer’s feedback”.

PVC is inherently waterproof, odorless, mold-resistant, and most importantly, durable. It can withstand the harshest of weather without any sign of curling or cracking. From humid tropical weather to the wintry Northern climate, KATA all-weather mats will keep their shapes and stay robust.
In a move to reaffirm KATA’s philosophy regarding sustainability, KATA starts off with car floor mats for Tesla Model. KATA is aligning its operation with a greener future, by producing car mats with high quality and durability, reducing the need to discard car mats too often. KATA wants to clearly communicate its goal of long-term, sustainable development through this product launch. 

KATA’s personalized car mat will be available on Amazon at the beginning of this summer. For this occasion, KATA is introducing a new service policy for Amazon buyers. Customers will have a 30-days window for exchange or return, and a 2 years warranty for any factory defect. Stay tuned and enjoy every trip to the fullest with KATA mats.

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