KATA celebrates the 7th anniversary: From personalized car mat to a global dream.

Celebrate 7th company anniversary
Our 7th anniversary could not come at a more formidable time: the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the normalcy we used to know and presented us with many unknown challenges. However, it is also a time where we find new sources of grit, within and among ourselves.

This is why our anniversary this year is about connectedness - “Together - To the World”. We looked back at the incredible moments we’ve had with so many amazing people - employees, customers, and partners alike. We celebrate the time spent with each other, and we make a promise of growing stronger, together.

1. Together: we come together for a stronger bond


From a 10m2 (1ft2) office in 2014, KATA has grown into one of the most prominent car aftermarket enterprises in Viet Nam, and we would be remiss if we do not highlight the effort of those who made it possible - our founder and the staff.

Our staff

Our founder, Mr.Kai, loves black coffee and pursuing new ideas. He founded KATA with a steadfast belief: relentless innovation to produce high-quality product for anyone. Throughout the past 7 years, this virtue has guided the company’s journey and made KATA the outstanding player it is today.

CEO during his speech

Our flagship offering- custom car mats - embodies our core value: customized high-quality products and personalized services. To deliver such excellence, our staff has put forward their best performance and hard work.

Each mat set is meticulously perfected under the attention of our senior seamstresses.
Every dashcam package is installed precisely for the customer’s ease of use.
Behind every informative post and impressive visual element is the expertise of our marketing team.
Our sales force always goes the extra mile with partners and clients alike.
And so many more valued individuals that come together for one goal: to bring KATA to you.

COVID-19 has divided many of us, physically and mentally. This is why our 7th anniversary is all about togetherness: to remind our staff of the support they always have at work, and to create greater bonds throughout the organization. It is also a time for fun activities and friendly competitions - such as our “Social media star” prizes.

A happy crew is the foundation of a long-lasting company. We pride ourselves in having the best competitive advantage one could ask for: a tight-knit, diverse and talented team.

2. To the World: we support everyone in moving forward


Throughout these 7 years, KATA’s vision stays true: to bring high-quality car aftermarket products to consumers across the globe. Doing so requires us to understand exactly what the customers need, and deliver beyond their expectations.
It also means recognizing the importance of a strong distribution network - one that can ensure quality across multiple locations.


This year, we introduced the “Endorsed Distributors” program. The COVID-19 pandemic has impeded a lot of businesses’ growth, and only by working together can we ensure a stable development for all parties.

Our Endorsed Distributors will enjoy many benefits, most notably a more profound affiliation with KATA. We have designed a partnership program in which we jointly develop several business aspects with our vendors to promote their services.

This is our vision-led answer to difficult times: growing together to advance globally.
We will stay true to this conviction, and deliver to you lots of amazing feats in 2022. Stay tuned!


Finally, we would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to you, our customers.
Thank you for trusting us through thick and thin. We sincerely look forward to being your trusted companion for many journeys to come.


To our new customers, welcome! You have made an excellent choice by choosing KATA.


For now, let’s take a look at the joyful moments we’ve had during the celebration.

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