Return Policy


1. Conditions of goods meeting the requirements of return

* Products

- The products have lost their stamps or are of the wrong quantity, color and design compared to the order.

- The product is damaged by the manufacturer (due to technical failure, design error, hidden/internal error or a difference in the manufacturer's announced quality standard) or an error was detected in the shipping process.

2. Customers changing their usage needs:

-Returning products will be accepted on the basis of customers changing their usage needs. However, the products that are accepted for return must be subject to the business policy at the time of the Customer’s request.


1. Conditions of return:

- The product is intact and is not peeled or torn as it was originally.

- The product is clean, has no strange smell and shows no signs of being used.

- Customers must also keep a confirmation of their purchases (such as an order number, purchase invoice, delivery receipt, bank statement, etc.) on the email and fill in all pertinent information on a form and send it back to us.

2. The time for applying the return

- The Customer has a period of 3 days from the date of receipt to send a request for return with the above content and 7 days if after usage, he/she detects that the carpet has an unpleasant smell.

3. The cost for return

- In the case of products that have a fault of KATAVINA’s doing, the customer can return a product free of charge and have a free delivery to the location stated on the return request form.

- In the case of products that need returning due to the changing needs of customers, customers will have to pay shipping costs according to the shipping direction to the customer's address on the return slip.


1. Refund principles

- The method for a refund is based on the customer's payment method upon purchase.

- The amount for a refund is equal to the amount that the customer made upon purchase.

2. Refund methods

Methods for refunding include:

- Refund through the payment gateway system.

- Refunds via bank transfer.

- Cash refund at the KATA Vietnam head office (in Hanoi)

We do not refund cash for inter-provincial purchases or for provinces outside of Hanoi.

3. Processing time

We will respond to customers' refund requests via email and SMS within 2 working days from the date on the product’s receipt.

With non-bank payments customers will receive the refund within 5-7 working days.

With bank payments, we will complete the refund procedure within 5-7 working days and send a request to the bank for processing and refunding to customers' accounts.