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The KATA Car Mat and the BMW 3 Series – A Match Made in Heaven?

The BMW 3 Series is one of the finest sedans on the market today. Known for its sleek styling and unparalleled performance, it’s no wonder why it has become the car of choice for a number of drivers. However, a challenge BMW 3 Series drivers frequently run into is keeping the interior clean, especially the car floor. Seeing how the floor is the easiest part of the car that gets dirty, these drivers are in need of a solution to this ever-persistent problem. Luckily at KATA, we have a custom car floor mat specifically designed for the 3 Series that will address the drivers’ need to keep it as clean as possible.

Car mats protector

The KATA Car Mat protects the felt cover of the car floor. It is designed to ward off dirt, mud, dust and other forms of contamination. In areas where there is frequent rainfall for instance, the mat will prevent mud from seeping into the car floor, keeping it clean and tidy. Compared to cleaning the car floor directly, it is much more convenient and financially sensible to use our car mat since it is easy to clean and more durable. In terms of its material, the KATA Car Mat is made from flexible PVC, a type of plastic polymer that is known for its sturdy construction and elasticity.

Car mats with design

The KATA Car Mat is highly decorative, as it boasts a functional yet exquisite design and it comes with a wide range of colors for the driver to choose from, enhancing the visual appeal of the BMW 3 Series’ interior. Some of the color choices for the mat include black, grey, cream, coffee and beige. With the right color that matches with the interior, the driver can feel an aura of balance, harmony and luxury when driving.

The car mat can be personalized to express the driver’s personal aesthetic tastes, making the car an extension of their own identity. The floor of your BMW 3 Series will be measured by our team so that the KATA Car Mat can immediately fit onto it without any further alterations needed.


If we were to closely examine the KATA Car Mat with its design, we can see that the top side of the mat has floating beads that work to increase friction between the car floor and the occupants’ feet, reducing the risk of slippage. The bottom of the mat features small pegs that latch onto the car floor so that it won’t move about by the occupants’ feet or the shifting of gravity from sharp turns.

The KATA Car Mat, like most other mats, is effective in muffling the noise from the engine that is emanating into the car’s cabin. The 2-sided design and structure of the mat creates space for sound to spread out so that the cabin will be quiet throughout the journey the car takes. Finally, the KATA Car Mat comes with our logo so drivers will clearly know who makes it and develop a sense of trust in our brand.

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