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The Features of the KATA Car Mat

The KATA Car Mat has a number of nifty features that work to raise the art of motoring to greater heights. Let's examine these features and learn why they are key in crafting the final product.


What are the key features of the KATA Car Mat?

In keeping with the principle that its products have to be user-centric, KATAVINA has always prioritized using high-quality materials. To that end, they have elected to use flexible PVC that is certified to be safe for consumers’ health by SGS Europe. Since the KATA Car Mat utilizes PVC, they are extremely durable and they can last for up to 10 years, thus drivers won’t have to change the mat so often. The PVC also allows for great elasticity and flexibility, meaning they can fit neatly onto the floor of any car regardless of model or generation.

The mat features a minimalistic but functional design. Unlike most other mats, the KATA mat boasts a floating bead design on the top, and the individual beads are arranged close together so that they form grooves which in turn increase friction between the occupants’ feet and the car floor, reducing the risk of slipping by a large margin. The KATA Car Mat also comes with a wide range of colors for drivers to choose from based on their aesthetic needs.


The bottom of the mat contains many small pegs that stick firmly to the felt cover on the car floor, meaning the mat won’t move about by the occupants’ feet. The 2-sided structure of the mat allows it to act as a sound-proofing cushion for the car’s cabin. Utilizing sound dispersion principles that have been adopted by top recording studios, the rough underside of the mat meets the car floor to create space for sound to spread out, thus muffling the engine sound in the car’s cabin.

What can the KATA Car Mat not do?

The KATA Car Mat will not get soggy from water. The PVC has been pressed firmly in the process of making it so that the surface has become completely waterproof. The design of the mat also allows for easier and faster cleaning, saving drivers a lot of valuable time. The KATA Car Mat will not emit any unpleasant odors, as the PVC does not contain any impurities that might spoil it. Thus the car’s cabin will not have a bad smell even when the car is parked under the sun for a long time. The mat will also not accumulate any kind of molds, thanks to its waterproof design.


What kind of car is the KATA Car Mat designed for?

The KATA Car Mat can be custom-designed to fit nearly every type of car from every brand. Whether it would be a sedan such as the Honda Civic or the Toyota Camry, or a SUV such as the Ford Explorer or the Subaru Forester, our designers and engineers will have no problem crafting a mat that is specific to your car.

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