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Guidelines for choosing a safe car floor mat for your health

Currently, there are many types of car mats available on the market. Each of them boasts a different design and is made from different materials, such as leather, rubber and felt. Likewise, each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of them have nice aesthetics while others do not. Some of them offer excellent protection against dirt and water while others do not. Ultimately, it should be up to the consumer to decide which type of car mat is best of them according to their personal requirements.

According to a survey by the AAA Traffic Safety Fund, every year Americans spend up to 70 billion hours driving and traveling by private car. This shows that buying car floor mats is just as important as buying indoor floor mats.

1. The role of car mats

The car mat is designed to cover the entire car floor, preventing all contaminants that cause it to become dirty such as water, dirt and food. Particularly when it rains, the mud does not have a chance to contact the floor so it is always clean.
Compared to car floor cleaning, cleaning a car mat will be easier, faster, and more cost-effective. In addition to anti-dirt, water-repellent and easy-to-clean capabilities, some mats also have the ability to absorb and keep dust particles suspended in the air, minimizing the risk of respiratory diseases for users. The car owner can clean the mat periodically or whenever needed. The most important point is car mats help preserve the interior of the car in its best condition.

2. Types of car floor mats on the market

There are many types of car floor mats available on the market. Each type is made from different materials and has its own production process, meeting the widely diverse needs of customers in the process.
The following is a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of car floor mats to help buyers easily choose the one they like:

2.1. Felt mats

+ Advantages of felt mats:
- Out of all of the automotive floor mats, felt mats are the cheapest. Because the felt material is not expensive and the mat only has 1-2 simple layers, the processing is not complicated and it does not take much time. In addition to the low price, felt mats also have the advantage of not being slippery when moving in and out of the car, because of the fluffy surface.
Example of a felt car mat
+ Disadvantages of felt mats:
- Felt mats do not have a fixed locking pin on the floor, so during usage it will be easy for a felt mat to shift and move. This is especially dangerous when entering or leaving a vehicle or using the pedals.
- The felt is very absorbent, making it easy for dirt to cling onto, and it easily gets wet and builds up a smell very quickly. Cleaning the mat is also inconvenient because if you wash the mat, it takes a long time to dry.
- Felt mats are normally very thin with only 1-2 layers, so it is almost impossible to muffle the sound from under the car. In addition, the mat does not completely cover the car floor, so the level of protection on the floor is low at best. Mud, food and other contaminants can be spilled into the gaps, making the cleaning of the floor very difficult.
- Felt mats often have an obnoxious smell when bought brand new. The life expectancy is not very high, because the mat gets worn out quickly.

2.2. Rubber mats

+ Advantages of rubber mats:
The price of a rubber mat for cars is quite cheap. The mat is waterproof and the top is designed with nifty anti-slip edges.
+ Disadvantages of rubber mats:
- Rubber mats for car floors often do not have locking pins. They are cut by hand so it is easy them to shuffle about, which is very dangerous when on the road. The rubber mat also does not cover the entire floor, so the floor protection level is low at best.
Example of a rubber car mat
- Rubber mats almost always emit an obnoxious smell. When first purchased and used, the mat has a very strong smell, which is both uncomfortable and unhealthy. Similar to felt mats, rubber mats are not exactly renowned for their longevity, as they get worn and torn very easily just after 6 months of extensive use.

2.3. Imitation leather mats

+ Advantages of imitation leather mats:
Although they are called leather mats, most of them use leather-like materials such as PU or Simili, commonly known as imitation leather. The advantage of leather mats is that they completely cover the car floor and the edges, thus keeping it completely clean.
+ Disadvantages of imitation leather mats:
- Imitation leather mats often have a smooth surface, meaning that they are easily slippery. The leather is fixed onto the car floor so it cannot be disassembled for cleaning like with many other car mats. Users must clean directly on the car mat, which causes a lot of inconvenience. Although the leather surface is waterproof, the waterproof capabilities are not absolute. In addition, the artificial skin is easy to get dirty.
- The service life of the leather floor mat is also quite low. If used for a long time, the skin surface can easily get degraded, discolored, frayed, wrinkled and even peeled, causing a major loss in aesthetics to the car interior. In addition, the leather mat emits a very strong and uncomfortable smell.
Example of a leather car mat

2.4. 3D car mats

3D car mats can be seen as an upgrade from a rubber mat, so it is also known as a 3D molded rubber mat as the mat material is mainly rubber. Unlike most other conventional rubber mats, 3D mats are molded according to the pattern of each vehicle, a process that is not commonly done with normal rubber mats. In addition, in the rear seats, the mat is designed to cover the edges.
+ Advantages of 3D mat:
- One advantage of 3D car mats is they are waterproof since they are made of rubber. The surface of the mat has a floating rib pattern that helps prevent slipping and increase the grip onto the car floor. The mat is easy to remove for cleaning, and it can be sprayed with soap and get dried quickly.
+ Disadvantages of 3D mat:
- Like some of the types of car mats mentioned above, 3D car mats do not have a fixed lock-in system, so the mat can easily shift and move about. This is potentially dangerous, especially when changing pedals. Although they are designed according to the dimensions of the vehicle, 3D mats are not able to completely cover the car floor, so the level of protection on the floor is very low.
Example of a 3D car mat
- 3D mats often have a strong rubber smell. If parked under the hot sun for a long time, it will create a bad smell that causes discomfort and affects the driver. The life expectancy is also very low; use for a long time easy to scratch, fray, faded, curled, torn ...

2.5. 4D car mats

4D car mats are quite similar to 3D mats in design but they utilize different materials. 4D car mats are made from two main materials, which are imitation leather and soft foam.
+ Advantages of 4D car mats:
- 4D mats are designed according to the vehicle, so they can fit very easily. A 4D mat covers the entire floor and the edges of the rear seats. The leather surface is designed with many raised edges to increase grip, which will greatly reduce slippage when moving in and out of the car.
+ Disadvantages of 4D car mats:
- 4D mats generally have very good grip, but they can sometimes shuffle about when driving. They also do not completely cover the car floor, especially around the side walls. The skin surface is generally waterproof, but if the quality is not very good, then it is easy for a 4D mat to absorb a lot of water. The skin can easily get dirty too. According to many users, 4D car mats can easily get damp, and they have an unpleasant odor if they are not cleaned for a long time.
Example of a damaged 4D car mat
- 4D mats are easy to remove for cleaning. However, the cleaning process is somewhat difficult in itself because if the mat absorbs a lot of water then it will take a long time to dry. Despite having a longer lifespan than some of the mat types mentioned above, 4D mats can easily be degraded; the foam inside will be flattened and the imitation leather surface will get cracked and torn. Although there is a foam layer, the sound insulation capabilities of a 4D mat are not very good. It may have a high monetary cost but the value in using it is inadequate at best.

2.6. 5D/6D car mats

The 5D - 6D car mat is a new type of leather mat. 5D - 6D mats usually have a 5-layer structure. A 6D mat is different from a 5D mat in that there is an additional rubber layer, which is effective in keeping out soil, sand and water, enhancing the protection of the leather skin and reducing the time needed for cleaning.
+ Advantages of 5D/6D car mats:
- 5D and 6D car mats are designed according to the size of each model.
- The artificial leather surface has many textures.
- 5D and 6D mats usually have fixed pins like 4D mats.
Example of a 5D car mat
- The 6D mats are an upgraded version of the 5D mats. In addition to sharing the same design as the 5D mat, the 6D mat often has more layers on top made of rubber fibers. This layer is fixed to the 5D mat on the bottom with locking mechanisms and is removable.
+ Disadvantages of 5D/6D car mat:
- The mat is manually cut and sewn according to the size of the vehicle floor, so the accuracy of the cutting is not absolute.
- 5D and 6D mats are still made from artificial leather, so their durability is not high as they are easy to crack and peel off.
- The mats are sewn into large blocks that are relatively bulky, which makes them difficult to disassemble and transport.
- Because the 5D and 6D mats are composed of many layers, the mat is often very thick, giving the driver the feeling of stomping on the accelerator pedal with the brakes not working firmly, making them easy to get jammed.
- Inside the 5D and 6D mat there is still a foam layer, which usually has the ability to absorb liquids, making the mat very moist after extensive use.
- The pegs are fixed to the mat but they are typically very small and unstable.
Example of a 6D car mat
- The anti-slip top layer of the mat can hold dust very well but is consequently very difficult to clean. Similarly, the grip it has on the 5D mat below is not very firm.
- The average cost of a 5D/6D mat is relatively high.
- The edges of the mat are sewn by synthetic leather, and after a short time of use, they get peeled off very quickly, causing a substantial loss in aesthetic integrity.
- The seams on a 5D/6D mat are the weak points of the mat, since the seams allow water to soak into the layers of the mat, making the mat have a short lifespan and also very moldy with an unpleasant smell.
- The ribbed surface is difficult to clean because the dust and dirt are trapped between the decorative patterns of the mat.
- The underside of the mat is the only rough part, and it cannot grip onto the car floor very well. It is also easy to crush the underside if the owner of the car uses the mat a lot. In addition, the adhesive underside destroys the original felt surface of the car floor if the owner removes the mat many times.
Example of a 6D car mat
Each type of floor mat has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, for many years’ conventional car mats cannot fully meet the needs of users around the world. Now, the KATA Car Mat, a brand of car floor mats from Vietnam, can completely overcome the shortcomings of today's conventional mats.

3. What makes the KATA Car Mat different?

3.1. The process of making the KATA Car Mat

KATA mats are researched and designed extensively by a team of highly skilled specialists at KATAVINA. The mats are suitable for all climates.

3.2. Key features of KATA car mats

+ Advantages:
- KATA mats are made of high quality flexible PVC that is certified by SGS Europe as absolutely safe for the health of consumers.
- The mat has outstanding characteristics such as being waterproof and not prone to moisture or mold, and it cannot be deformed or warped under different weather conditions. Therefore, KATA mats have outstanding durability, as they can last up to 10 years.        
- The mat has a unique design that is carefully conceived by the design team at KATAVINA, helping the mat ward off dust, water and dirt and making it easy to clean.        
- The underside of the mat is also supremely well-designed. It is designed by the manufacturer to be round-headed to help the mat firmly grip onto the original felt surface of the car floor. This prevents any sort of damage inflicted on the felt.     
Left hand view of coffee KATA mat
- KATA mats have a wide range of eye-catching patterns and colors, meeting the diverse needs of different customers.        
+ Disadvantages:
- The mat set is not a single piece, but is instead divided into many sheets.        
- KATA’s products are only popular in Vietnam and in a small number of other countries around the world.        
Customers can now order KATA mats right on Amazon. KATA mats are ideal car mats for a variety of vehicles around the world.
Overhead view of KATA mat for the middle row
As we can see in this extensive breakdown of different car mats, we can easily recognize the importance and necessity of the car mat in everyday life. Each type of mat has its own advantages and disadvantages. KATA mats, a new brand of mats from Vietnam, promises to bring about a revolution in the care and protection of car interiors for every family around the world.

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