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Decrease loud engine noise of Toyota Rav4 with floor mats for cars

Toyota Rav4 is the best-selling SUV in North America in the first half of 2021. There are so many features of this vehicle that car lovers cannot resist. From the robust squared-jaw looks to the spacious interior. Upon that, Toyota also offers hybrid version to reduce carbon footprint on the environment. However, there are few complaints about the loud engine noise which holds people back from buying this vehicle. So, how to tackle this problem while still owning a Toyota Rav4. The answer is quite simple, buying KATA Mats. You probably wonder how floor mats for cars can reduce noises, this article will explain in detail for you.



1.Sound proof floor mats for cars

According to many reviews about Toyota Rav4, when drivers hit the gas for a burst of speed, the engine sound gets rather coarse. Imagine yourself increasing the speed to go up the hill and the noise keep getting louder and louder, how unpleasant that situation would be. Nevertheless, you don’t have to suffer from it anymore with KATA Mats. To explain this, professional specialists from KATA have applied sound dispersion principles in the design of KATA Mats so that they can decrease engine noise, and create a quieter atmosphere for the interior. In addition, the mats with proper thickness can absorb sound and reduce deafening noises from interfering in the middle of conversation. Rav4’s owners can enjoy favorite playlists inside the car without worrying about the intrusion of other unpleasant sounds that could put them in a bad mood with a set of floor mats for cars from KATA.


2.Car mats custom

Most people go for a Toyota Rav4 because it is reliable, comfortable and more importantly, suitable for family. The interior design of this model is really spacious, especially the cargo.  Rav4’s cargo holds nearly the biggest in its class with 37.5 cubic feet with the rear seats up and 69.8 cubic feet with them stowed. This means that when purchasing floor mats for cars, owners should not use universal fit floor mats because they may not cover the whole floor and let debris sneak under. Instead, car mats custom is a wiser choice to fully preserve the carpeted floor. Fortunately, KATA has owned dimension data of almost every model existing, therefore, its mats are ensured to fit snugly and protect the floor and the cargo from all kinds of spills and dirt.


3.Floor mats safe for health

When buying floor mats for cars, some people tend to pay less attention to how the material is made. Consequently, sub-standard floor mats containing toxic substances from the material may pose a threat to consumers’ health. On the other hand, KATA Mats which are made from high grade Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), are certified by SGS Europe to be safe for customers’ health. Our floor mats for cars are also proved to have no traces of lead, mercury and cadmium. Those harmful substances can be main causes of respiratory diseases or cancer when constantly using.


Additionally, noise pollution has become a serious issue recently. According to WHO (World Health Organization), noise ranked the second in the impact it has on health after air pollution. It is a major cause to a range of health problems from stress, poor concentration, sleep’s deprivation to severe issues such as cardiovascular disease, cognitive impairment and hearing loss. Meanwhile, statistics provided by US Department of Transportation showed that each US driver spend at least an hour per day behind the wheel. It is clearly seen that the drivers have to suffer from both environmental noises and engine noises inside their car at least for one hour. Therefore, besides owning your favorite vehicle to drive every day, car’s owner should find products that help to protect your health from detrimental factors. In this case, the product name is KATA Mats.


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