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How to choose a BMW floor mat like a pro

Congratulations on your brand-new purchase. Great choice, BMW ranks among the best car brands in Germany this year. And the Germans know their cars. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that new car smell, before diving into the deep end of car care. 

BMW brand logo

We’ll tell you right off the bat, a BMW floor mat is the simplest but most effective protection for your car. One car floor mat and your future self in 10 years will still thank you for it. 

Even if your car was brand new years ago, and you are looking to take care of it, we applaud you, and we’re here for you too. 

1. Why a BMW floor mat is the first accessory you should buy

Think of it as the plastic that covers your electronics. Peeling those off to reveal a spotless surface is universally satisfying, right? The same can be said about a BMW floor mat, except its effects last much longer. Imagine removing the mats in 10 years to reveal a still pristine floor. And unlike that piece of plastic that dims your device’s beauty, floor mats complete the look of your car interior. 

Car mats protect your vehicle year-round from any mess, be it dirt, snow, rainwater, fur, apple juice, etc. All in all, it is a needed accessory to keep your car in good condition; and should the day come that you want to sell your car, it will help you increase your return on investment. 


2. What you should consider when choosing a BMW floor mat

Maximum performance, minimum effort. A BMW floor mat should work as hassle-free as possible, in addition to lasting a long time. With these issues in mind, you should pay attention to the quality of the material and the design. Finally, a floor mat should complement the interior of your car, in order to create an overall luxurious look.

KATA Black Standard version for BMW in front row

3. We make choosing a BMW floor mat simple

Despite the vast number of BMW floor mats Amazon offers, the fundamentals of car floor mats lie in their material and shape.

Let’s take a look at some materials. Velour and rubber are the most popular, due to their low price, ease of customization, and lightweight. 

Velour is the most economic choice, and makers can add more appeal to their products through embroidery and embossment. However, it is also more absorptive, hence the most prone to deterioration and odor. 

velour car mat


Rubber mats, being absolutely waterproof, are increasingly popular. Yet it also has a serious odor problem, due to the material used. Leather gives a more extravagant feel, albeit heavier and most expensive, and it does not wear out nicely. 

These two materials are popular for producing car liners, also known as 3D mats - for they have higher rims intended to hug all sides of the floor. These rims can be wobbly though, as many consumers have reviewed.

Now you’re probably confused whether there is a right answer to which mat is the best. And there is. With your best interest in mind, we at KATA introduce our custom BMW floor mat, which harmonizes functionality with beauty, and resolves all material issues mentioned above. 

All-rounder floor mats for cars

In line with the “maximum performance, minimum effort” motto, we have chosen PVC floor mats for cars, especially BMW models. You won’t even have to compromise, we have worked out all the kinks.

KATA Pro PVC mat in Brown driver side

PVC durability makes for superior BMW all-weather floor mats - keeping off even salt in wintertime or mud from your weekend camping trip. Cleaning them is also a breeze because they’re so resistant to the elements, and they dry in a flash. Our car mat has all the benefits of the popular rubber mats, but without the annoying odor.

We offer 2 versions of custom car mats: Basic and Full Option, to cater to different purposes. The Basics would be suitable for the everyday city commute. The Full Options have extra coverings that can be taped securely to all sides, to accommodate more lively movements in the car. 

According to CarBuzz, BMW 5 series is one of the safest sedans. At KATA, our BMW 5 series floor mats, and all other models, heighten that protection. With anti-slip nibs and factory-compatible retainer clips, our mats never get in the way of your comfortable traveling.

Underside of KATA mat with securing nibs


And one more good news, KATA is here to stay. With a lifetime of 10 years, KATA mats promise you trusted companionship for many journeys to come. 

Mix and match: car floor mat edition

BMW has mastered a distinctive design that gives their cars a high-class and sleek aura. To honor their art, we have gone back to basics and chosen a classic coin grip pattern for our car floor mat. In our humble opinion, this style is universally flattering and agrees with pretty much every car owner’s taste. 

Whether you’re sporty, chic, or minimalist, our signature round dot will surely suit your fancy. In addition, we offer a broad array of color choices - the mat can blend in with your interior, or become a spotlight of your personality.

Black KATA car mat with logo


A BMW is no doubt a significant purchase. A fine piece of machinery coupled with an outstanding interior design, a BMW can give its owner a holistic driving experience. This is why when choosing a mat for your BMW, functionalities should go hand in hand with aesthetics.

Our BMW floor mat is the perfect match to preserve and enhance the timeless beauty of your vehicle.

Get your personalized car mats at KATA today.


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