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3 reasons why your Honda Civic is a perfect companion with KATA Mats Lux Series

Honda Civic is considered to be one of the most popular cars for customizing and adding accessories as there are many companies offer products for this model. If you just bought or has long owned a Honda Civic and want to add your personality into the interior to make it stand out from the crowd, you may want to consider Kata mats Lux Series version, a product that is meant for this model.

1. Car mats custom

Some of you might think that purpose of floor mats for cars is only to protect original carpets from debris or spillage. However, adding the right car mats custom can dramatically highlight your Honda Civic interior. Honda Civic is well known for its spacious cabin and footwell, therefore, purchasing universal trim to fit car mats can be inconvenient for car owners. Meanwhile, at Katavina, we use CNC-based cutting machines imported from industrial advanced countries like German and Japan, Lux Series car mats custom include a form fit design, guarantee each linen is perfectly formed to the detailed Honda Civic contours. More importantly, owning a set of car mats custom can prevent all form of dirt from falling onto the floor and preserve the pristine condition of original carpet.


2. Car mats decorative

Katavina Lux Series car mats version are no doubt the perfect styling parts for your car floor. The design features a cross-webbed pattern that boasts small, square-shaped indentations, which is ideally suited the sports design of this model. The floor mats’ colors are also play an important role in the overall appearance of the interior. In other words, they can make or break the interior aesthetic. Meanwhile, Katavina offers a diverse color palette with this Lux Series, from green, blue, purple to white, ensuring to light up the inside of your Honda Civic. Every car owners can be an artist when using Katavina colors palette and create an unique look for the interior, which can speak out the owner’s personality.


3. Noise reduction

Although Honda Civic is highly praised for the sports design and spacious cabin, this model has never been fully appreciated for blocking road noise. This happens partly because of the low bottom of the car. As you may know, noises from outside cabin can make drivers feel uncomfortable or even cause distraction, which would possibly lead to potential hazard. So what is the solution to tackle this problem? The answer is, of course, Kata mats Lux Series. On the process of designing floor mats for cars, our specialists have applied sound dispersion principles on the rough underside to create space for sound to dissipate. Here at Katavina, we provide a set of car mats including custom fit trunk liner for your Honda Civic, as many of car experts have recommended  that adding liner for the trunk is a useful way to reduce road noise. Accordingly, Kata mats Lux Series can effectively decrease the noise from the bottom of the car and return a quiter atmosphere for the cabin.


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